Prank You!!

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You are invited to a party of a close friend of family member and you want to give a gift that the person will remember for life, in short an experience. Prank gifts are a great way to create that. Imagine the look on the persons face when they open the gift box and is greeted with a balloon burst or tasked with opening layers of boxes. It’s a funny way of saying how much you love the person. Here are some ideas on what you can gift – Happy Pranking!

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Prank Gift Box

These are empty boxes with weird product description on the box like cheese printer or reuse toilet paper. These are funny and some can be embarrassing too until the box is opened. Since these are empty boxes you can put any relevant gift inside. Gift wrap these to create another element of surprise

Price range: <$10
Gift Type: Funny
For: Everyone

Willy Warmer

The name says it all. It’s a knitted sock, great to keep you warm in chilly weather. While it comes in one size fit all, I would crank it up a notch by putting a XS sticker on the pack.

Price range: < $20
Gift Type: Naughty
For: Male

Snake Can

A snake popping simple potato chips or nut can, is sure to startle the one that opens it, every single time. It’s great for office or school pranks. Be careful of who you use it on 🙂

Price range: < $20
Gift Type: Funny
For: All

Prank Kit

Know someone that likes to prank others? Get them a prank kit. These generally come in a set of 5-30 prank items from likes of Whoopie cushion to fake bugs.

Price range: < $50
Gift Type: Wicked
For: All

Funny Toilet Rolls

Well these aren’t necessarily prank item but are definitely funny. From crazy Trump/Hillary face to funny quotes, it will bring a smile every time someone wipes.

Price range: < $10
Gift Type: Hilarious
For: All