Love for Home Bar

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Home Bar… A bar that’s always open with no last calls, no lines and no heavy bills. Collecting bar accessories or different types of alcohol could become a hobby. A home bar adds that expensive feel to your home, great for house parties and they are hygienic. Find out these great ideas for your bar or to gift to someone that has a home bar. – Gifts for Home Bar owner

Shot Glass Roulette

A cool roulette game with Shot Glasses. Spin and decide on who gets to have that shot. There are no strict rules to how you play it, get creative, make your own rules and drinks. It’s sure to liven up your party.

Price range: $10-$40
Gift Type: Party Starter
For: House Parties

Bartender Set

A neat and sleak bartender set is almost a must have. Shaker, spoon, muddler, corkscrew, strainer, ice tongs and a perfect wooden base. It’s utility and as well as makes your bar look so professional. Have fun trying different cocktails and entertaining a party of family and friends.

Price range: $10-$60
Gift Type: Bar essential
For: Home bars

Decanter Set

Decanters add luxury to your bar. They are beautifully crafted, have different designs and act as a display piece. Store your favorite alcohol, well except beers, pour it in style and sip it slow. Add whiskey stones in the mix and you are all set.

Price range: $30-$300
Gift Type: Luxury
For: Home bars


Combine keg and refrigerator and you get a kegerator. This is a cooling system for beer, that keeps it chill and fresh for longer. Beers are typically meant to be had out of a tap, this helps you with true beer drinking experience.

Price range: $120-$300
Gift Type: Different
For: Beer enthusiast

Bar Lights

A cool bar needs equally cool lighting. From LED Strip lights behind the bar counter to filament hanging lights. These change the way a bar looks and feels. I personally like hanging filament lights with unique shades, they just yell modern and cozy at the same time.

Price range: $20-$100
Gift Type: Decorative
For: Bar aesthetics

LED Liquor Shelf

These are more show and less utility. Great to display your exclusive collection of alcohol. These are simple light slab, you place your bottles on it and the bottles glow, looks beautiful. They are available in various colors, sits great on top of a shelf

Price range: $70-$120
Gift Type: Decorative
For: Bar Ambiance