The Techie

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Technology developments fascinates all of us, some – just a little more. These are known as Tech Nerds or Gadget Freaks etc etc. It’s a task to choose a gift for them when you have no idea on what’s trending or what’s new. A sweater or a make up kit is a strict no. So what should you get them? Here are few suggestions to help you gift the best and stay personal – Gifts for Techie

E smart Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t love the early morning coffee or “I am stressed Coffee” or “I am broke Coffee” or “Let’s celebrate Coffee”. What if you could add a spin to your coffee drinking experience? I am not talking about a fancy Thermos, it’s Nescafe’s latest product, that’s not coffee. I am talking about an app enabled coffee maker. Its a great gift for someone that enjoys coffee and enjoys new

Price range: $40-$200
Gift Type: Different
Gender: Male/Female


A simple gadget that measures alcohol in your breath. There are so many options available for this. Wireless one that tracks on your smartphone, a key chain, add-on to phone etc. It’s a smart tool to drink responsibly and have fun

Price range: $15-$150
Gift Type: Essential
Gender: Male/Female

Smartphone Sterilizer

This one is for the entire family. Everyone has a smartphone, which travel everywhere, from restaurant tables to bathrooms. A portable sanitizer is a great buy to keep germs away for the most used tool of today. Some sterilizers can be used for other small items like jewelry, watches etc

Price range: $30-$90
Gift Type: Essential
Gender: Male/Female

A Drone

This is by far the coolest gadget that you can gift. A drone is a small copter that is remotely controlled and works with GPS and the tool sensors. What do you use it for? From Ariel photography to using it for fishing line to hurricane chase, the uses are endless, get creative. There are some high end drones to drones for beginners available in the market.

Price range: $100-$250
Gift Type: Unique
Gender: Male/Female

Smartphone Projector

A mini projector that you can connect with your smartphone and enjoy movies, videos and small presentations. Its portable and easy to set up. No more holding phone up when watching something on YouTube or a family video. Great to create a cool movie watching experience for family/friends.

Price range: $40-$150
Gift Type: Cool
Gender: Male/Female

Jewelry Health Tracker

There are lots of fitness trackers available in the market, with almost similar features. There are trackers available that look like a piece of jewelry, wear it around your neck or as bracelet, they look beautiful and features are women centric as they track menstrual cycle, reproductive health and stress levels.

Price range: $10-$180
Gift Type: Unique
Gender: Female