New Home

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Buying a house is one of the top dreams and goal of an individual and sure is an achievement. Buying the house is just the first step, decorating it and making it your own is a big part of the joy. From the perfect living room, dining space, a little cozy corner to that warm bedroom, they all make for a great journey. Here are some gifts that you can give yourself when you buy a new house or give someone that recently bought a house. It’s a good idea to be mindful of the house size, decor theme and location when picking a gift. Congratulations and have fun! – Gifts for New Home

Door Knocker

An antique finish door knock is a perfect affordable gift to give at a house warming party. Door knocks add a character to the front door and its one of the first things that a guest notices.

Price range: $10-$50
Gift Type: Decorative
For: Home


I just love indoor plants, they liven the place. There are about 20 plants that are considered air purifying: snake plant, spider plant, aloe vera, rubber plant etc. I prefer gifting a sapling or a grown plant in a pot and not just the seed.

Price range: $10-$100
Gift Type: Essential
For: Home Air Purifying


Lamps are another cool gift for a new house owner. From floor lamps to quirky lights in a bottle, take your pick. I keep saying, its always good to know a little about the owner’s personality or house decor theme. You want to gift something that has a place in the house and not in basement or garage

Price range: $40-$60
Gift Type: Utility
For: Home

Pet Pillow

Pets are a big part of American house, people care equally about their comfort as themselves. A designated place for pets is a good way to show compassion and love. Hence, a pet pillow. Depending on the pet the house owner has, you can decide on size and design.

Price range: $40-$60
Gift Type: Different
For: Home pets

Bed sheet

All homes have a bedroom and all bedrooms have a bed, ergo a bed sheet as a gift is a winner. If you know a little about the decor or theme of the house, that helps in picking the perfect bed sheet. Choose from digital printed ones to soft silk ones, the choices are endless. My suggestion would be to buy a good quality bed sheet, like Egyptian cotton and high thread count, because it’s utility and not just for decoration.

Price range: $10-$200
Gift Type: Standard
For: Home