The Chef

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Masterchef US/Australia has made cooking widely popular and being a Chef is now considered a mainstream profession. Being a great chef is as much about good cooking tools as it is about good food on the plate. Chefs these days need state of the art cooking appliances, techniques and plating tools. Here are some must haves and good to have for the ones putting on their Chef hat. Gift them or get them for yourself and get cooking – Gifts for a New Cook or a Pro Chef

A Knives set

The ultimate Chef identifier (apart from the hat of course), a set of high quality, stainless steel knives that last a lifetime. It’s important have a set of knives because one knife can’t do all the job. This is the best gift for someone that is starting to cook. Only gift great quality knives, just a regular kitchen is not worth gifting

Price range: $50-$180
Gift Type: Essential
Gender: Male/Female

Cast Iron Skillet set

One of the cooking tools that is used almost every time one cooks. Ideal for pan frying, stir frying, searing, sauteing or the good old scrambling. Steaks are a favorite at parties and these cast iron pans are great for them. Get something that is oven safe and suitable for all types of cook top. I prefer the ones that are more rustic with no additional coating that gives it a shine and super smooth finish.

Price range: $30-$50
Gift Type: Essential
Gender: Male/Female

Indoor Herb Garden

Nothing adds freshness to your food more than aroma of fresh herbs. Having a mini herb garden will take your food from home cooked to Chef quality. These herbs don’t need a lot of care and are easy to maintain. It’s a great starting kit. Most of the available kits come with the most popular herbs like, Basil, Thyme, Parsley, Cilantro and Sage. The most modern ones comes with LED lights and are self watering, these ensure you have fresh herbs all year long

Price range: $15-$70
Gift Type: Different
Gender: Male/Female

Quart Stand Mixer

One in every 3 chef in America is a Baker. An amazing dessert is what seals a dinner on a high note. There are so many types of desserts and each has a different technical difficulty. A good stand mixer is great for making desserts; from beating, whipping, doughing, it does it all. There are lot of choices available; different colors, attachments, power control. Add in some bake ware like baking trays and molds, measuring cups, spatulas, piping tips and you are all set to Bake

Price range: $100-$700
Gift Type: Expensive
Gender: Male/Female

Serving Platters and Trays

Presentation is so important for a great cook. There is a saying “you eat with your eyes first” and it’s so true. One should have a few sets of trays and platters for different types of food. These are available in porcelain, wood, metal, marble, ceramic and in so many different designs. Take your pick. Great and affordable for gifting too

Price range: $10-$50
Gift Type: Useful
Gender: Male/Female