Retirement gift

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Retirement is defined as “me phase” of one’s life. It’s as big a part of life as is going to school/college, running a business/job, finding love and raising a family. Some people create a retirement fund to do things they have always wanted to but responsibilities came in their way. What to do after you retire? Travel, do volunteer work, pick up a hobby, start a business or just chill with the family and empire you have built. Here are some gift ideas for someone that’s retiring.

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Travel Kit

Traveling is one of the most popular activity after retirement. Some look for that tranquility of mountains or warm beaches or adventure sports. Whatever be the choice, a lot of it involves traveling. So a great gift is a Travel Kit. There are many types of travel kit, some include toiletries and some neck pillows and sleep masks. If you know the travel interest of the person, you could look at gifting beach bag or camping kit or a travel book/journal

Price range: < $20
Gift Type: Utility
For: Traveler

Just Relax

One doesn’t necessarily have to be doing something after retirement, just relaxing is as good as anything. Think a portable foot spa massager or a neck massager or a hammock or bath bombs; all these scream “relaxation”

Price range: $10 – $200
Gift Type: Personal
For: All

Home Improvement Kit

If traveling and relaxing is not your cup of tea, consider redoing the home. From furniture to garden to walls, they are sure to keep one occupied along with a new look to the house. And you never know, might pick up renovating as a job, yes job! Keeping one occupied and earning from it, is the new Retirement. So a tool kit is kick starter to encourage this.

Price range: $70 – $200
Gift Type: Tool
For: All

Garden Tool Set

Another relaxing thing to do post retirement is gardening. From flowers to vegetables to exotic plants. If you take fancy to it, you could start a small business or organic vegetables or beautiful flower bouquets.

Price Range: < $30
Gift Type: Relaxing
For: New Retirees


Penning down those years of experience is a great way to be relevant after retirement. A retiree could write about office experiences to turning points in life to fiction. If you know someone that likes to write, a journal is perfect. A journal has its own charm and personality as compared to a notepad or laptop.

Price Range: < $30
Gift Type: Creative
For: Writer