Gender Reveal gift

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It’s an overwhelming feeling to find that one is pregnant and will be bringing in a new life. Of one of the many joys, finding out if it’s a girl or a boy is the most thrilling. These days you have parties to reveal gender and are revealed in some really innovative ways. Find out about some gender reveal gift ideas

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Party Supply

If you are organizing the party, this is a must. A supply kit with balloons, banners, masks etc. Its important to have the right decoration for the big reveal

Price: < $30
Gift Type: Generic
For: Party host/co-host

Gender Reveal games

Build up the big reveal by playing these interesting games. Old wives tales to baby bingo, these are funny, some are informative and helps you include your friends and family in the announcement.

Price: < $30
Gift Type: Fun
For: Gender Reveal Parties

Spa Basket

A to-be-mother needs all the pampering and attention. A spa basket does just that. It’s a great gift at a gender reveal party or baby shower. It’s important that you gift a good quality spa set, low quality oils and creams can be a mood killer and may harm the mother. Include a super comfy bath robe and you get a complete package

Price: < $100
Gift Type: Pamper
For: To-be-mom

Gender neutral Socks

A sock is the cutest baby wear. At a gender reveal party, gift a pair of socks in neutral color like black or white. If socks is not your thing, look at onesies, t-shirts, baby towels, pillows in neutral colors

Price: < $20
Gift Type: Cute
For: Newborn


No reason required when it comes to chocolate. Everyone loves them. Beautifully packed box or basket of chocolates perfectly captures the happy mood of the occasion. Look for a local store that sells exotic homemade chocolates, they are delicious and feels personal

Price: $10 – $200
Gift Type: Indulgence
For: Everyone